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See You Soon:??A mother?s story of drugs, grief and hope,?by Philippa Skinner.??

This charming book is like stepping into the author?s?mind during many difficult times.?Philippa opens her heart?as well as she?examines her relationship to God and her precious son, Jim, as he struggles to become an independent young man.?How can a book about addiction be charming???Especially when the disease of addiction claims his young life while working to help addicts in Hong Kong???Published in Great Britain in 2012, it is filled with phrases and terms that enhance the story like English Ivy?does a garden.?Woven amidst the struggles of faith and the needs of other family members, we learn some of the tortures any parent can relate to when this disease comes to call.?Finding strength to face her questioning, she offers quiet hope and?boundless?love to her son and all who suffer this disease.

I highly recommend this book for many reasons.?Told by publishers that American readers wouldn?t be interested, I completely disagree.?There is no hiding from this disease ? not by geography, by religious or spiritual choice.?It is important to remember that parents across the globe are also struggling to love their children and keep them alive.?And should they die, to keep their memory sweet and honourable.??

Barbara Allen,?Founder/Director, James' Place Inc., 8325 Fall Chill Court, Ellicott City, MD 21043


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