Book Endorsements


A range of different people have kindly endorsed the book:

Mary Pytches, author and speaker

Philippa has written an honest, extremely moving and very helpful account of the tragic struggle they had with their son's drug addiction. Though painful, it is a 'must read' for all parents of teenagers.

Vincent Hessey, Substance Misuse Practitioner

As a professional Drugs Worker and also a Christian I would highly recommend this book. The aftermath that Philippa and her family experienced was overwhelming. However, what comes out in these pages is the grief for a lost son, hope that Jim's death was for a purpose and the amazing grace of God that has surrounded Philippa and her family.

Tim Barlow, pastor and retired church leader

With remarkable courage and honesty, Philippa dares to ask the really hard questions about God and his purposes in the face of crippling personal loss. She vulnerably takes the reader to secret parts of her soul and very perceptively explores the experience of bereavement. Through her writing comes the gentle encouragement to find God even in the midst of unexplained and unrelieved suffering. I delight that Jim's story will continue the work of his short life in bringing hope and healing to the hurting, weak and vulnerable. This book will help us all to live in a broken and confusing world.

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, Founder of DrugFam

I met Philippa Skinner and her husband Graeme in 2009 at DrugFam's first Bereaved by Addiction Conference. As bereaved mothers we will forever share the pain of our common sorrow ? the loss of a precious son to heroin. Philippa's story touched me deeply ? all the more so because she lost one of her twins in early pregnancy, and the birth of her lone twin, Jim, brought a special joy and happiness into Graeme and Philippa's lives. Philippa shares this ordinary family story of 'her boy Jim' with such compelling dignity and honesty. She writes with courage about her grief and takes you with her through the pain of her loss to living with the reality of Jim's death and finally to an acceptance of her grief. As a committed Christian she dares to ask the question many bereaved mums and dads also want to know: 'Where was God in this?' I commend this story to you as possibly it may help you to find answers to questions in your own lives.

Elizabeth is the author of 'Mum Can You Lend Me Twenty Quid? - What drugs did to my family'

Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead

This is a book of great beauty. God has spoken to me through Philippa's story and through Jim's life. He was a soldier who fell in the battle; he is part of a greater army now, cheering us on. Thank you Jim and thank you Philippa.

Dr Diana Forrest, community activist

This book is stunning in its raw honesty, clarity of thinking, and willingness to ask the most difficult questions. I'm sure it will be a help to many as they identify with those deep feelings which are so eloquently described.

Yvonne Ross, counsellor and psychotherapist

We all face loss in our lives, expected and unexpected. This is part of the human experience and often so hard to make sense of. Loss affects us in many ways, at many levels and at all stages of our lives. Several writers have commented that grief is the price we pay for love, and perhaps the death of a child is the hardest to bear and can seem almost unendurable. This book describes in a deeply moving way Philippa's struggle as she attempts to make sense of the death of her beloved son. She articulates so eloquently the need for the world to see Jim as he was, not wishing the circumstances of his death to tarnish the memory of this kind, sensitive, caring, funny young man. This moving narrative will touch the hearts of all who read it.

Dr Tim Goodacre, Jim's godfather

In describing every aspect of the journey travelled by the mother and father of a young man wounded fatally in his battle with addiction amidst Christian service, Philippa presents a most valuable picture of what life feels like, and how she has coped with loss. In sharing this with a wider circle, she offers a gift of gracious care, especially to others who might, some time, suffer similarly. Others again, even if not to walk the same dark path, can learn and share from the heartfelt writing in this book. I commend it to all, with or without faith, who want to understand better the human condition and wise descriptions of managing the mind and soul through suffering.

The Foreword is written by Jackie Pullinger, founder of St Stephens' Society

This is the foreword I had hoped never to write. Remembering dear Jim and the terrible way his life ended is something I had no wish to think of or remember. Yet it is a story that must be told. The Bible would never have been written if we had not sinned, but God had planned salvation from the beginning of time and caused His heart to be written down, so that by believing that Jesus is the Christ we may have life. I feel privileged that Jim's parents have invited me to share this introduction, and privileged to have known Jim and to have walked a while with him and his family. Read More...