The pond

We include pictures of the pond created for us in memory of Jim, by good friends, old and new. This beautiful small oasis of peace and reflection was nothing more than a muddy pit back in 2007. Friends, unbeknown to us, took over our garden one day while we were in Hong Kong, attending to the formalities of a death overseas. Fortified by piles of flapjacks and other goodies, they attacked the muddy hole, dug it out and lined it and raised banks, hemmed it in with old railway sleepers, and left it for us to do the planting the following Spring.
In just 4 years it has blended in, is a source of great beauty, attractive to birds, bats, frogs, newts, damsel flies, dragon flies and all sorts of bugs. We love it. Thank you to all who worked so hard that cold November day. It meant a lot then and still does.

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Jim's favourite verse: John 11v25, where Jesus says, ?I am the resurrection? Those who believe in me will live, even though they die,? do you believe this?? Jim wrote in his diary, ?On earth I am the same. I will die. But I will rise from the dead. I BELIEVE this. Don?t forget it.?

2006 The lawn

On digging the hole, a sparrowhawk turns up

2007 Thanks to the team, a pond is ready for planting

2008 A drier day

The mallards arrive

Then come the ducklings

The plants start to grow

2012 The established pond

The special verse in Jim's diary (page 57)