Jim in Hong Kong

Jim in Hong Kong

2003 to 2007

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2003 Plans for first visit to HK

2003 Overlooking Hong Kong harbour

2005 Back to stay

2005 'New boys' outing from St Stephen's

2005 Football at St Stephen's: Tom in red, Jim in blue

2005 Mum and Dad visit HK

2005 Italian Bay HK

2005 HK islands

2005 HK streets: book cover

2005 HK streets

2005 Walled City Park

2005 After the cyclone; book cover

2005 St Stephen's New Boy Houses

2005 Prayers in St Stephen's

2006 Jim praying, blurred for idendity protection

2007 A baptism in St Stephen's

2007 Jims work with Keystone Language School